Our Core Ideal

We, the people

We are a peoples movement bringing together all nation-builders across South Africa who want to be part of the solution of transforming the nation in all spheres of life. This completely non-partisan movement is anchored in shared ethical values. One of its main goals is to enable the South African people to introduce an inclusive, righteous governance system and establish a peoples government. Drawing together ethical leaders and nation-builders from all spheres of society, we become a UNITED FORCE that brings healing and restoration in all areas. By doing so, we are collectively changing the current divisive culture in South Africa into an inclusive culture for the good of all. We need each other and we need God. By uniting as a people into a movement, we become organised and mission-minded in the spirit of unity. Only this kind of collective action by people from all races, genders and cultures will bring lasting solutions to the fore so that South Africa can truly flourish. Let us restore the South African dream together! #NewNationRising


Building a new nation together.

Our Main Goals

  1. To RESTORE PURPOSE in South Africa: This is so that we, the people can have hope for the future and a role to play as ethical nation-builders in bringing inspired solutions to the surface. We need light in the darkness and that is what this peoples movement is facilitating. Eyes must open to our higher purpose as a people so that South Africa can truly flourish. #RepurposingSA in mainly three areas: Governance transformation, Economic transformation and Social transformation (moral regeneration)
  2. To establish INCLUSIVE GOVERNANCE on the right foundation: A government and society guided by shared absolute values, ethical and nation-building in ALL spheres of society (active involvement by the people in governing society), direct election of government leaders by the people, and holding government accountable. #PowerBackToThePeople
  3. To properly look after the ECONOMIC WELL-BEING of all the people: Resources must be managed effectively, wastage stopped (holding leaders accountable) and poverty ended. We, the people are promoting equitable wealth creation and building an inclusive economy. This also means the economic liberation of our people and superb land and resource stewardship that benefits all. #NewHope
  4. To bring TRUE CHANGE in South Africa: Becoming organised and solution-minded to turn the country around by moving from division to unity, from brokenness to healing, and from passivity to action. Discovering the tremendous value of our diversity and uniting as a people to build together. Transforming South Africa through shared values among especially the ‘silent majority’ from all races and cultures to establish ethical standards for accountability, productivity and servant leadership. We, the people are establishing a “Let’s do it!” culture based on good values. #TakeAction #HealingSA

The Need

The people need a Voice.

The people need a Plan.

The people need to Move.

This is exactly what the New Nation Movement is responding to. NNM is literally a peoples intervention – by the people, for the people!


Through this NNM-vehicle, we, the people are now officially going to take care of South Africa. We are changing the system in a peaceful and sensible way to have progress that benefits ALL.

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