Governance, Not Politics

The New Nation Movement is not a political movement, but a ‘governance movement’ by the people, for the people. Shared values are what unites us and ethical nation-building is what mobilises us. Governance in all spheres of society, including politics, shapes the agenda. The goal is to ‘repurpose’ South Africa through aligning every sphere (Education, Economy, etc.) with shared values. We, the people, commit to ethical nation-building and our values form the standard for this (see the Bill of Values). Now, concerning the political space, the movement creates two opportunities to bring change through:

1. Promoting the Van Zyl Slabbert Report of direct representation by the people in Parliament. This would restore the missing link of ‘accountability’ in politics, and also change the whole system in a positive way. It was tabled in Parliament in 2003, but then moved to the side. We, the people want it back.

2. Creating an opportunity for political parties who share the same values (Bill of Values) to work together, and even unite the vote, in bringing ethical change in South Africa. This would have to be asked for by the people, giving parties the opportunity to respond.

Hence, the New Nation Movement is about governance, not politics per se. It will impact politics without being a political party itself. The concept is new and has powerful potential in keeping a balance between being non-partisan and allowing the people to impact the political space themselves – collectively.


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