Founding Charter


Building a new nation through inclusive ethical peoples governance

Building a new nation through inclusive ethical peoples governance We, the New Nation Movement of South Africa hereby declare that we are establishing a peoples movement designed to reclaim the ideal of the nation that the ‘people shall govern’ as laid out in the Freedom Charter. South Africa belongs to the people, and its government can only justly claim authority if it directly represents the will of all the people.

The nation has been robbed of its birthright of direct representation in a people’s governance system and of the nation’s resources through the implementation of an unjust, partisan, greed-driven, secular-humanist system. Our values have been degraded, causing moral decay and collapse. All the people of our nation should enjoy the benefits of our God-given resources, equal rights and opportunities, and be able to contribute equally to a valuesbased governance system, based on the will of all the people without distinction between colour, race, class, gender, tradition or beliefs, to enable us all to live equally in love, peace, justice and prosperity. Therefore, recognising our nation’s need to comply with these ideals in a non-partisan way, we are hereby establishing a movement towards achieving an inclusive, just and righteous governance system for South Africa. We are calling all nation-builders to action! It’s time to build together on a solid foundation. To start with, the people’s absolute moral values have been collated from numerous sources from all sectors of our society, including traditional and faith-based communities (see Bill of Values).


A national all-inclusive movement that will facilitate the establishment of a truly New South Africa founded on justice, equity and prosperity for the good of all the people.


Together, we are establishing a non-partisan movement with the purpose of facilitating the building of a new nation, which will have a people-driven governance system anchored in a solid foundation of absolute ethical values, a values-based constitution, and promoting an election system that guarantees ethical and servant leadership, to ensure a healthy society and the socio-economic wellbeing of all the people of South Africa.


NNM is a vehicle for the people to move from division to unity, from brokenness to healing, from passivity to action. This movement is founded on the absolute values of love, justice, faith, courage, wisdom, unity, equality, excellence and integrity, and here proposes a framework for a future governance system. This framework, at its completion, shall have incorporated input from all South Africans in formulating:

1. A Values-based Constitution

The new nation’s constitution will reflect shared absolute values, balanced by the God-given freedoms of choice for all the people: individual, family, cultural and religious freedoms. These are aligned to the values contained in the Bill of Values. The aim is to restore purpose in South Africa.

2. Constitutional Rights

All the people shall enjoy the rights embedded in the constitution and shall include full recognition of the first nation and all indigenous royal kingdoms and non-partisan communities in their diversity.

3. Governmental Structures and Electoral Systems

a. The people’s government shall be elected by the people, and be directly accountable to the people.
b. Ethical Leadership is established in all sectors of our communities. Ethical governance in every sphere of society is encouraged to inspire leaders to influence the sectors with our shared values.
c. The non-partisan electoral system embraces fully the will of the people, firstly through elections at community level, then district level, then local level, regional (provincial) level, then national level.
d. A Peoples Parliament, which shall reflect constitutional and proportional representation of the people, shall be elected by the people out of local non-partisan Peoples Assemblies which, together with the collective input from the people, are responsible for policy formulation. Oversight over policy implementation is carried out by the Executive embedded within Peoples Councils.
e. The presidency shall be elected directly by the people.
f. The nation’s fundamental pillars of power and authority rest on land-stewardship, self-governance and sovereignty, which are restored to the people.
g. Governmental structures fully accountability to the people, from national level to community level.
h. The governmental systems ensure inclusive provision of resources and services to all the people.
i. The justice system and judiciary are independent, above reproach, and accountable to all the people.

The rule of law is paramount and shall be taught and promoted at all levels in families, communities, education, businesses, institutions and governmental departments.

4. Economic Regeneration of a Freed People’s Economy, Land, Property, Business and Banking System.

We recognise that we are stewards of the land, its resources, and our own gifts – to realise the nation’s fruitfulness. The practice of equitable distribution of resources is enshrined in the economic system with the aim of generating win-win situations. The independent banking system, incorporating community banks, cooperative banks, and a people-owned reserve bank that are interest-free, as far as possible, help facilitate the release of funds for socio-economic regeneration. This shall be achieved through:

a. An inclusive economic plan that maximises the wealth-creation potential of the nation, businesses 
and the individual in such a way that the national concept of ‘Ubuntu’ is achieved (shared benefits).
b. An economic system introducing a resource-optimising economy with good stewardship, a stable currency and community development banks not dependent on the current interest-based system.
c. A revised taxation system for the purposes of maximising national income, increasing the capital available for development, and minimising costs to citizens.

5. Social Regeneration

a. Healing the Nation 
Regenerating Broken Families, Community, People and the Nation This includes restoration of the concept of family, recognition of the value of a strong community, eradicate racism and our responsibility to assist the needy members of society within a caring developmental nation. The restoration of good values and morals are instrumental in this.

b. Education
Quality education embraces impartation of knowledge, appropriate application of knowledge and training in good values and principles for shaping integrity of character, and relevant knowledge and skills to ensure future quality of life. It also means solving the problems in our Education system.

c. Health Care
Health care is holistic, embracing all aspects (body, soul and spirit), and various means of healing (spiritual, psychological, nutritional, herbal, therapeutic and medical). Free, accessible and quality health care available to every South African.

d. Housing, Food Security, Water, Sanitation 
We recognise the universal right of the people to housing, food, clean water and adequate sanitation. Regeneration 
of the economy and service delivery enables the implementation of these rights throughout the nation.

e. Safety and Security
The self-surety of the people shall come primarily from their ability to work their own land, govern their own affairs, and build their own villages, communities and cities. Protection of communities shall be ensured by skilled individuals supported by the police and military where necessary. Safety and security systems through prayer and moral values in collaboration with prayer networks from faith and traditional communities throughout the nation, is welcomed.

f. Arts and Entertainment, Media 
We recognise the unique identities of indigenous, traditional, and cultural groups, and the freedom of all our 
diverse people to make their own choices with regard to the expression of those identities (including free press), within the context of the absolute values contained in the Bill of Values.

g. Prisoner & other rehabilitation
Recognising the problem of recidivism of prisoners, we make it of national importance and the responsibility of community
leaders and society 
at large to rehabilitate prisoners both during incarceration and afterwards – spiritually, psychologically and physically, and reintroduce them productively into the community.

6. The Judiciary

South Africa shall uphold the three independent arms of government. All institutions of government (legislature, executive and judiciary) and the private sector are subject to constitutional accountability and responsiveness. Office bearers and administrators in both public and private sectors are accountable to the people, and must operate and work within the law just like all citizens. In no case is anyone above the constitution, the law and our national values. Law and order shall be protected above all. Yet in truth, peaceful and law-abiding nations are realised through internalisation of values, morals, ethics and good principles. These ought to be written in the minds and hearts of the people through the education system and a positive nation-building culture, so that they can apply and live them voluntarily on a daily basis. The rule of law is derived from divine, natural, indigenous, traditional and customary (including Dutch-Roman and English) laws. The rule of law shall be encouraged, taught and promoted in families, communities, businesses and governments. No one shall be above the law. However, embracing a good values system by the people will make it less necessary to enforce the law.

7. Declaration

We, the New Nation Movement of South Africa declare that we are taking up our responsibility to facilitate the establishment of a people-driven governance system for South Africa that is just, right, love-driven and peace-loving, and that includes all our people equally on a non-partisan basis. Everyone is welcome in this movement, but not everything is welcome, as determined by our framework of values (see our Bill of Values). Grounded in principled values, we are mobilising in order to involve all nation-builders to change South Africa for good. We are committed to restore the South African dream together!

The time has come!

The People shall govern!

As God help us.


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