Change to a better governance system

The New Nation Movement is NOT another Political Party – it is much more than that.

It is a GOVERNANCE MOVEMENT, aiming to usher in legitimate change to South Africa’s political system, to a TRULY DEMOCRATIC system, amongst other things.

Whats the difference?

Governance:  Refers to policies, and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation. This includes the mechanisms required to balance the powers of the officials,  their accountability, and duty to enhance prosperity and viability of the government.

Politics:  refers to the activities, actions, and policies that are used to gain and hold power in a government. 

Igniting an Awakening!

It’s time the people of South Africa realize that they have a Constitutional right to elect Leaders themselves to represent them in Parliament and other legislative bodies, (Section 19(3)b.

Accountability demands that the populace should NOT have to rely on political parties to impose Leaders on them.

Legitimately recommended to Parliament;

Two Executive Reports have recommended this change of system to Parliament, but they have been pushed aside and not implemented. First, it was the VanZyl-Slabbert Commission in 2003, which was recently re-inforced by the Motlanthe High Level Report, in November 2017.

South Africans have a right to enforce this change;       

We the people are calling for this change to be implemented as recommended by these reports, so that Leaders in Parliament and other public offices can be held accountable to the people.

Consequence of ignoring the people’s call;

Since this is a right bestowed by the Constitution, Government must recognize and implement it. Failure to do so could deem the 2019 elections   unconstitutional.

We’re getting organized to make impact;

Through this people’s movement, we, the people, are organizing ourselves to intervene, in order to put an end to unethical/corrupt leadership in government. We want the right to choose ethical leaders who uphold the shared values of the people. (See our Bill of Values).

HOW exactly do these Reports propose to change the system?

Of the 400 seats in Parliament, 300 will be filled by Independent Leaders elected by the people in their local constituencies. These are directly accountable to the people, and can be voted out at the discretion of the people.

The remaining 100 seats will be filled by political parties proportionally, (in accordance with their % of votes in elections.

A uniting, peaceful proposition;

The result envisioned is peaceful change to a governance system in which Leaders serve the interests of their communities, citizens participate meaningfully in national decisions, and there’s unity through shared values.

Link to:  NNM Governance Model

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