About New Nation Movement

a NON-PARTISAN platform designed by the people for the people


NNM is a NON-PARTISAN movement anchored in shared ethical values. As such, NNM does not interfere or compete with political formations. It is simply a loose, yet organised, platform aimed at enabling like-minded citizens to speak with one voice and to exercise their collective influence to build a better South Africa. NNM is creating a platform with the potential to unite the vote of those who share the same values.


It is all of us! Nation-builders working on building a non-partisan governance system incorporating an absolute values-based constitution and policies: a governance system from the people, by the people, for the people.

It is all of us! Facilitators of a new system that will enable governors, legislators, and judges to be elected out of Peoples Assemblies and Councils directly by the people from within families, communities, and national groups, who will provide justice for all without fear or favour.

The people of South Africa intervening to bring about national change, restore hope, lasting solutions and facilitate reconciliation and moral regeneration. 


All are invited to participate in and become part of the movement. Everyone is welcome, but not everything. Any person from any race, culture, gender, belief, or background should feel they have a place in the shared values, vision, cause and goals of the movement. NNM is home to all role players who want to be part of nation-building across the spectrum of South African society, including political parties, business structures, religious structures, professional bodies, non-profit organisations, student and educational bodies, traditional structures, community structures, labour structures, individuals, and any type of group that shares the same values, vision, cause, and goals for a better South Africa. By uniting, we the people ourselves become the movement.

The movement is in actual fact for the good of ALL South Africans (whether you’re part of it or not). This is how inclusive it is and it would never require anyone to give up other affiliations, though the movement will not compromise on its Values, Cause and Goals, as determined by the will of the people, democratically.

Like any other initiative, the NNM platform has a certain core ideal. As a matter of principle, all individuals’ input and effort within the movement must be for the good of the nation. Through a culture of serving one another, we unite for a common Cause with shared values to restore purpose together in South Africa on an ethical basis for the good of ALL.


NNM is the culmination of a strategic planning session that was held on the 4th of April 2017, by a group of concerned Leaders from organisations of diverse nature.

This meeting resolved that there was critical need for collective action to bring the nation towards ethical governance and accountable leadership, to reverse the tide of immorality pervading the nation. From this beginning was born this people-driven, non-partisan initiative to unite all citizens who want to see change towards an inclusive, ethical, accountable governance system in South Africa.

A second meeting held in October 2017, set the wheels of this initiative in motion and mandated an Interim Council and Operational Team to set  the foundations of what is now known as the New Nation Movement.


NNM is an all inclusive, NON-PARTISAN people’s platform that unites the voices of all role

players and individuals who share the view that it’s time to change South Africa. We are nation-builders who want to be part of the solution of transforming the nation in all spheres of life.

The NNM platform enables all the people of South Africa to stand together, and to speak one language, in the coming elections. Drawing together ethical leaders and nation-builders from all spheres of society, we become a UNITED FORCE that brings healing and restoration in all areas.


A detailed outline of absolute Values upheld by NNM are presented in another section. We believe that there are certain values and standards, ethics and principles that can establish a society on a firm foundation for justice, equity, and prosperity. NNM is a governance movement through which the people want to establish good standards in society to promote progress and to put an end to the moral decay in South Africa.

The people of South Africa believe that there is need for absolute values and ethics that can be trusted (i.e. a Bill of Values). (Note: When referring to ‘absolute values’, it means that they are universally acknowledged so that we won’t compromise on them.).

Hence, as concerned citizens, we, the people, must define and advance absolute values, morals, and ethics that are embodied in the collective convictions that the people of South Africans profess and desire to see in our communities. They will serve to guide and to set a standard of best practice.


The people! Emphasis of the movement is on a governance system of the people, by the people, and for the people. From time to time the people will delegate specific representatives to take up responsibilities in the movement to provide servant leadership. In the meantime a team of concerned citizens from different races, cultures and genders have been working, as caretakers, to set the foundations for the movement, in consultation with the people.

Leadership will be elected by the people themselves when the movement is launched in October 2018. The main requirement is that it should be a ‘unifying leadership’, meaning it must unite the people of South Africa around good values. Note that leadership in this movement is not about seeking the limelight. Good leaders lift their people to the forefront with a serving heart. The movement is essentially about the people, not its leaders.